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          企業介紹 ABOUT US


          提供辦公樓裝修,室外裝修,店面裝修,店鋪裝修,發廊裝修,廠房裝修,商場裝修,服裝店裝修,餐廳裝修,別墅裝修,實驗室裝修,錄音棚裝修等解決方案,同時提供外墻粉刷,外墻刷漆 ,玻璃幕墻,彩鋼房,廠房,自流平,水磨石,樓頂防水等服務。


          Guangzhou elegant decoration design company, founded in 2006,  is a development of public equipment for many years, established companies, with high professional, integrated and user-friendly services, specializing in Office space, commercial space, design and construction, business project office renovation, Office renovation, the Mall store decoration, catering, hotel, schools, kindergartens, medical decoration decoration, and so on.

          Provide decoration, outdoor decoration, decoration, decoration shop, hair salon decoration, plant decoration, store decoration, clothing store decoration, restaurant decoration, the Villa decoration, lab renovation, Studio decorating solutions, while providing outer wall whitewashes, exterior paint, glass walls, color-coated steel housing, factories, self-leveling, terrazzo, roof waterproofing services.

          Reasons to choose us: 15% below the market price, quality of service, real value of every penny you spend.

          • 020-85276190
          • 13728032889